I run my own PR consultancy, working with businesses to raise their brand awareness and it’s always really busy as I work with companies from a variety of sectors including toys, gifts, electrical and healthcare to name a few. I made the difficult decision to give up my office during the Pandemic and had a garden office built instead which is great but I enjoy regularly coming to Industry as working on your own can sometimes get quite lonely. I love that when I am at Industry I can get on with my work while enjoying the buzzy atmosphere and collaborative feel you get from chatting to other people. It often feels that Industry days are some of my most productive and that’s thanks to the great space, brilliant wifi and of course the steady stream great tea and coffee that I drink in copious amounts when I am there. I always recommend Industry to local business owners like myself and a delighted when they tell me they have not only been but then recommended to others - love a bit of PR! - Lianne

Finding Industry was an absolute life saver for me. Having a space in which I can concentrate properly and feel apart of something with a great vibe. I find the whole place to be friendly, relaxed and nothing is ever too much trouble!

The service you receive does make you feel special. It’s a great co working space.

I’m the head of Payroll for an accountancy firm and I’m quite lucky my employer lets me be flexible and coming to Industry makes me feel I can be just that, flexible! - Rebecca

I want to work in a place that's not too far from where I live, is flexible, affordable, friendly, gives me a chance to network with others like me and gives me an incredible work life balance. Working at home can be noisy or even at times lonely. Working at an employer's site is what we've all moved away from for reasons we all know. Then I found Industry Collab and all these needs have been completed solved. All alongside great food and coffee! - Danny

Co-working at Industry was everything I’d hoped for and more. As a long-standing client of the hair salon it suited my work life balance really well to be be able use the co-working space as an alternative to my home office. It’s great to spend time around other flexi workers from different sectors! The team have created a great environment! - Amanda

I work for an independent consultancy which provides professional transport planning, traffic engineering and highway design services and advice to a range of private and public sector clients. I generally work from Industry once or twice a week and really enjoy it as it provides a break from home working, is conveniently located in Stalybridge town centre and allows me to meet other people. It has a friendly atmosphere, is cost effective compared to other accommodation options and a good range of food and drink is available from the café. My work involves report writing, phone calls and virtual/in-person meetings – all of these activities are easily undertaken from Industry. - Ryan