February 2022 - Our story so far...

When like-minded women join together to achieve a shared goal, great things can happen. And that's how the journey to a new Industry began. When interior designer Helen Budsworth shared her vision with Industry founder Tiff Mcglashan, alongside creative director for hair Lauren Vickerstaff and creative director for beauty Alyssia Garside, the four women knew they had a winning idea.

But let’s rewind to the very beginning…

Industry founder Tiff Mcglashan had set up on her own in 2015 after working in Manchester salons for 20 years. She wanted to bring a slice of the city to the suburbs so Industry was born and it certainly fulfilled the brief. The salon was cool and edgy with huge windows, exposed brickwork and of course the team used only the best quality products on their clientele.

In March 2020, when the pandemic hit and businesses across the country ground to a halt, Tiff started thinking outside the box. The Stalybridge salon was successful and had been growing for 5 years but as the pandemic rumbled on, she, like many other business owners, wondered what the future held.

In January 2021, during the third lockdown in England, Tiff rang her friend and client, Helen Budsworth. Last time Helen was in the salon, she had shared a business idea with Tiff. It was an idea that she had been considering for some time and she had wanted to get Tiff’s feedback. In fact, for Helen, it was more than an idea, it was a vision that she just couldn’t shake.

The vision was for a coworking space in her home borough of Tameside.

It was for a place that suited people with busy lifestyles, who wanted to be really productive with their precious time. It was for commuters who needed a place to drop-in to or from the office and most of all, it was for local people who wanted a professional, flexible workspace in their neighbourhood.

In the months since that first conversation, the existing salon space was reimagined and redesigned and finally, in October 2021, building work began.

Just two short months later, after a major transformation, the doors to the all-new Industry opened for the first time, with the workspace officially launching in January 2022.

Industry brings a concept of blended work and wellness to the North West that has never been seen before. Despite it being wholly unique, customers are already buying into the concept and reaping the benefits.

Workspace starts from just £2.50 per hour so book in now by visiting